Useful Links

Here are some other sites you might like.

This is the BBC’s very useful introduction to the sounds of English:

This is the link to the interactive phonemic chart at onestopenglish:

Here’s the chart I use for writing – more useful for teachers:

Here’s a link to my friends at International House Bristol, who have a great site with lots of free interactive activities. It’s also an exceptionally good school, both to learn English or for teacher training courses:

And here’s International House London:

Here’s a link to a French site with a lot more activities and links for students of English:

Here’s another lovely Exeter language school, Isca

And another I worked at a little, right in the centre of Exeter, Skola:

Here’s a language school which also has a good reputation for teacher training, Oxford House College:

And thanks to for giving me a backlink. Please send me an email and tell me what your site is about, as I’m afraid I can’t read Japanese.

Here’s a link to Buzzy English, which is Polish. The videos are in English though!