For Teachers

You have probably realized already that this site is primarily for students, not teachers, but I believe it can be a useful teaching resource in a variety of ways.

The most obvious, perhaps, is if you work in an institution with a moodle system, or something similar, you can add Say the Phrase to your students’ self study resources and encourage them to visit the site daily. This could also be done during class, where it can be linked to your own pronunciation work with them. I think students will often be interested and have lots of questions.

If you work in a school or college with a “phrase of the day”, as several institutions I’ve worked in do, you will be familiar with the concept the site is based around, however here, the emphasis is much more focused on pronunciation than is, in my experience, usual. ESOL and EFL teachers frequently lack the confidence to teach pronunciation systematically, or they don’t recognize its importance, or more often, within the constraints of an exam syllabus, there just doesn’t seem to be time. On Say the Phrase, you have an instant mini-phonology session ready to go every day. No need to worry if your transcription’s a bit shaky, or you just can’t quite work out that assimilation. You can even use the recording for drilling.

Anyway, I hope you like the site, and if you do, please tell your colleagues, and more importantly, your students!