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How to Use this Site

Each day that you visit this site you will see a new English phrase on the Home page. First you see the website title, Say the Phrase, with a little arrow beneath. Click on the arrow and you’ll see today’s phrase. These phrases are always real English – things people actually say, but not always what you’ll find in books. Some phrases will be new, and some familiar, depending on your level. The main point is to learn and practice the correct English pronunciation. This is given in two ways:

1. Phonemic script: This is directly underneath the phrase. If you don’t know your phonemic script very well, you can learn it here:

The little box above a word shows that word is stressed (strong), and the arrows beneath the box give you an idea of the intonation (how your voice goes up and down on the stressed word).

2. Recording: You can click and listen to me say the phrase in my Southern Standard English pronunciation.

Beneath this, you will see a brief explanation of any difficult bits – contractions, weak vowels, unexpected changes to sounds and so on, to guide you. Finally there’s a brief explanation of meaning and use.

Practise saying the phrase, trying to sound as much like my model as possible. It will probably feel quite different to the way you normally speak English, but you’ll soon get used to it. If the phrase is long, break it into shorter bits, then put it back together once you’re comfortable with each part.

If you want to try more phrases, look in Previous Phrases. This site is new, so there won’t be many yet, but they will increase daily. I suggest that you visit the site every day as part of your study routine, and if you like it, tell your friends, and other students in your class. Good luck with your studies!


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